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Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Scanning

What is it?

OCT scanning is an imaging technique which allows your eye specialist to take a cross-section image of the tissues in the back of your eye. It works by using reflected light from a low power laser.

What is it used for?

OCT is useful in a wide variety of retinal conditions, as it gives information about retinal structure and can easily detect the presence of swelling, fluid underneath the retina or distortions in structure. It is also useful in the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases of the optic nerve such as glaucoma.

Structures of the eye

The procedure:

You will have your vision measured, and in most cases drops will be put into your eyes to dilate your pupils. You will then sit at the scanning machine with your chin on a rest to position your head correctly. You will be asked to look at a blinking target and the scans will be taken. The procedure is painless and usually very quick.

Are there any side effects?

OCT is a non-invasive test with no known side effects or complications. There is a theoretical risk of damage to the eyes with excessive light exposure, but the machine is designed to halt testing before this can happen.

 The doctors at Retina Specialists are Southern Cross-affiliated providers of OCT scans.